About the project

Tourism 4 Careers (T4C) aims to promote educational and career opportunities within the Hospitality and Tourism sector for secondary school students and VET students. To do so, the project will develop the following two interactive and educational online units (e-learning resources):

  1. Introduction to Tourism
  2. Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

A prototype of these two units (http://tourisminsight.ie/) has been developed by the Institute of Technology Tralee and hospitality partners in Ireland including the Irish Hospitality Institute, Failte Ireland, the Irish Hotels Federation as well as other national associations and hotels. The units provide valuable tourism insights to secondary schools students, VET students and other learners, informing them of career options within the tourism industry. The resources give awareness of what life in the tourism and hospitality industry is really like, allowing them to make an informed career choice. In addition, paying attention to study and career guidance reduces the number of dropouts in secondary and higher education.

By developing, adapting and promoting the two units in the partner countries the project aims to:

  • Increase student’s awareness of potential careers in the tourism and hospitality sectors
  • Address a shortage in human resources in these industries
  • Provide teachers and students with Open Educational Resources to improve their digital literacy

The units will become available in different languages including English, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Italian, Turkish, Dutch and Czech.